All corporate identity products in one Brandportal

A purchasing platform for companies with multiple business units, governments and international organizations. Colleagues and Teams are using the purchasing platform for centrally buying promotional products. The platform is easy to use, GDPR compliant and meets high security standards. From now buying promotional products will be easy, effective and cost efficient.

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Seamlessly bring corporate identity and procurement processes together

The correct use of the corporate identity is guaranteed

Get access to your own (digital) product range. Every product and proof of imprint will be carefully reviewd in advance if it meets the corporate identity. Therefore a correct implementation of the corporate identity will be guaranteed.

From registering and monitoring to analyzing data

Budgets are never exceeded again by allocating budgets. Real-time monitoring also provides insight and contributes to making new purchasing decisions.

Easy ordering for colleagues, cost efficiency for the company

By seamlessly coordinating the purchasing process and optimally preparing the (digital) assortment, ordering promotional products is very clear and therefore user-friendly.

Suitable for...

Companies with multiple business units Government International organizations

Service and advice

We believe that a technical design of software itself does not lead to the optimal result. That's why we combine our expertise in the field of corporate identity products, with business insight and advice. You can expect us to provide proactive advice on how the purchasing process can be easier, friendlier and more (cost) efficient. We are happy to help you.

You can contact us via the contact form or contact us directly by calling us +31 (0)85 130 25 58

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Functionalities you can count on

Own corporate identity

Recognizable for your entire organization.

Realtime dashboards

Realtime insight into all order flows.

SAP integrations

Easy integration with other software.

Order workflow

Set up your own ordering process.

Invoice workflow

Set up your own billing process.


Determine the authorization per user.

Delivered quickly from (digital) stock

A core range can be included within the purchasing platform and kept in stock with a fulfillment partner. In addition, it is possible to work with a digital product range. This prevents financing risks and the risk of wastage. The range therefore remains flexible. Moreover, deliveries can always be made quickly from large European available stock.

Premium ID Integrates effortlessly with your existing purchasing software

Premium ID is easy to integrate with other software packages. Below you will find some examples our integrations that are available already:

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